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Can you Communicate as a couple?

Britain now has by far the highest divorce rate in Europe and a survey by Relate, looking at relationships in 2014 revealed that honesty, commitment and communication are the top three ingredients for loving relationships.

But whether you’re a retired couple, busy parents or even loved-up newlyweds, it is easy for habit, hectic lifestyles or stresses to get in the way of finding the time to really talk.conversation

Help is at hand for millions of couples from a clever but simple new pack of relationship-based conversation building cards that enable partners to share ideas, learn new things about themselves and each other, connect more closely, develop a deeper understanding of one another and make enjoyable communication a habit for everyday life.

The Art of Conversation is a best-selling range of games that have been developed to improve conversation skills, turn us into better listeners and help us get to know each other better. The exciting new Couples edition is packed with thought-provoking questions that never fail to draw out eye-opening answers.

Louise Howland is the founder of The Art of Conversation, and award-winning game that gets people talking; below she offers her five top tips for couple’s conversations.

Tone of voice: Stop and think about how you talk to your partner. Most people realise that they actually use a much more pleasant tone of voice talking to friends or even complete strangers.

Shared memories: You and your partner have probably been through some of your happiest and maybe even saddest times together, so positively reinforce your relationship by reminiscing over these to remember the experiences you have shared and why you got together in the first place.

Timing matters: Try practising a little self-restraint. You may want to talk to your partner about something on your mind the moment they walk through the door, but to tackle issues in a positive way wait until the mood and setting is right for you to focus.

Be your true self: If you can’t share who you really are with your partner, who can you share it with? It may take courage but try opening up – being authentic and honest is much less tiring and removes everyday stresses.

Get into a good routine: The most common reason for couples stopping talking to each other is that they simply got into a routine. Try to put aside at least 10 minutes each day when there are no distractions and you can just talk together about anything other than work, family, domestic issues or the state of your relationship; you might be surprised that you don’t already know everything about your partner.

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