Are you a ‘Passionpreneur’?

Kelly Hoppen
Kelly Hoppen

80% of British workers would give up their day job to start a new business linked to a hobby or a passion of theirs if money was no objective according to a new survey1. Nearly half (49%) have little to no interest in their current career with the passion gone for good when we hit 45 years old (56%) according to Amway UK Ltd, a world leading direct selling company who commissioned the research.

Collectively, the top ten passions that British workers would like to turn into a business are:

  1. Food & Drink (21%)
  2. Sport & Fitness (12%)
  3. Creative Arts (9%)
  4. Home Design (8%)
  5. Fashion Design (7.8%)
  6. Digital & IT Innovation (7.6%)
  7. ‘Boys Toys’ (6.6%)
  8. Journalism/Blogging (6.2%)
  9. Wellbeing (5.3%)
  10. Performing Arts (4.4%)

What does it take to be a Passionpreneur?

Passion (64%), determination (51%), selfdiscipline (45%), energy and stamina (44%) and business knowledge (39%) are the top five skills needed to be a successful Passionpreneur according to the survey. Embodying these qualities are the inspirational passionpreneur role models of:

  1. Richard Branson (30%)
  2. JK Rowling (20%)
  3. Lord Sugar (16%)
  4. Jamie Oliver (9%)
  5. David Beckham (8%).

Barriers to success

But lack of money (67%), confidence (42%) and business knowledge (42%) all stop us from taking the leap and setting up a business. And a quarter of 18-24 year olds (25%) also admit that being a Passionpreneur is too much hard work!

Commenting on the findings is Kelly Hoppen MBE, the leading multi-award winning Interior Designer and brand ambassador for Amway’s annual search to find an aspiring Passionpreneur:

“Amway’s campaign to reward entrepreneurship is brilliant! Each year, lots of brave individuals take the bold leap to start up a business, so having an initiative that celebrates and acknowledges their determination gets my support.

“It can be difficult to take the first step as an entrepreneur but it is also an exciting time of self-discovery when you achieve what you once thought was impossible. Personally, there is a real resonance with Britain’s Top Real Role Model’s ‘Passionpreneur’ theme. My own Interior Design business started because of my passion for design. Businesses created on the back of a hobby or a passion tend to be the ones which go on to succeed.”

The survey conducted with 2,000 men and women into Passionpreneurship was commissioned by Amway UK to mark the launch of Britain’s Top Real Role Model 2015 (BTRRM) – a nationwide
competition to uncover unsung British entrepreneurial heroes. This year’s focus is on Passionpreneurs and the overall winner will receive a £5,000 investment for their business.

To enter Britain’s Top Real Role Model visit


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